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More than a manufacturer, Sicame Group is a true player in the energy transition

Reliable, innovative solutions for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy worldwide

Providing people with secure energy

With a major international presence to ensure close proximity to its customers, and driven by strong values, Sicame Group is a world leader in the market for electrical energy network solutions.
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The Group around the world

Operating on 5 continents with 50 subsidiaries in 26 countries, Sicame Group draws on a robust international network, offering a multicultural approach and ensuring close proximity to its customers.
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subsidiaries worldwide
Sicame Group designs and develops solutions to meet the growing demands of electrification.
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Laboratories and R&D
As the world undergoes a major energy transition, our R&D teams apply their many years of experience and industry standards to develop products and services that precisely target customer needs.
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Industrial knowledge and capacities
With over 150 business lines covering diverse fields of expertise, including comprehensive process management, the Group is able to effectively meet the growing needs and demands of its customers.
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Taking collective action

Aware that companies play a crucial role in the world, Sicame Group is committed to making an active contribution. Through its Endowment Fund, the Group strives daily to promote social responsibility.
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A world leader in the electrical energy equipment sector, joining Sicame Group means being part of an international network.
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