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Sicame Group brands

A true pillar of Sicame Group, our brands, rich in history and experience, come from different but complementary backgrounds, combining technological resources, talent and modern know-how to offer unique expertise at the service of our customers and markets.

Sicame is the leading and original brand of Sicame Group.

Since its inception in 1955 in Pompadour, France, it has been offering connectivity solutions, connection equipment, and accessories for overhead and underground electrical distribution lines, in medium and low voltage. This expertise in connectivity is also deployed on networks linked to new electrical uses.

Catu is the safety brand of Sicame Group.

Since 1919, it has been developing safety and equipment solutions against electrical risks for energy transmission and distribution networks.

Headquartered in Bagneux, just outside Paris, France, it has more than 100 years of existence dedicated to protection against electrical risks.

With almost 200 years of history, Dervaux specializes in the design, development and manufacture of a complete range of hardware for transmission networks.

Based in Le Chambon-Feugerolles, near Saint-Étienne in France, the brand supplied the 2,500,000 rivets for the construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1888.

Kortick is a century-old brand specializing in fastening elements for the construction of high, medium, and low voltage overhead lines. It has expertise in corrosion-resistant treatments (ArmorGalv), which are widely recognized and market leaders.

Based in San Francisco, United States, its products were notably used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1933.

Dervaux Distribution is the brand of Sicame Group specializing in the manufacturing of equipment and construction materials for overhead bare and insulated power lines, in medium and low voltage.

Based in Saint-Martin-la-Plaine, France, it possesses expertise in the mechanical components of power lines.

Since 1981, the MTR brand has been providing expertise in industrial electrical connections, wiring accessories and associated tooling for the most demanding applications, including aerospace, automotive, rail, nuclear and data centers. MTR is based in Pompadour, Corrèze (France).

Established in 1972 and based in Saint-Malo, France, the Seifel brand represents specialized expertise in the manufacturing of technical enclosures for the distribution, protection, and metering of energies and fluids. Tailored solutions for various types of environments.

The brand Power Line Sentry, based in Wellington, Colorado, United States, specializes in mutual protection of wildlife and power networks. It combines its industrial expertise with an in-depth understanding of the environment to protect and preserve wildlife from the risk of electrocution, as well as to ensure the proper operational condition of the infrastructures.

Based in Rochester, United Kingdom, the historic brand WT Henley, founded in 1836, specializes in resin, accessories, and components for low-voltage underground networks.

Among the former employees of the company is the famous filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, who worked in communication and marketing before starting his career in cinema.

For over 50 years, ASK Power has been manufacturing power terminals meeting the most demanding American standards and serving the needs of electrical utilities, automotive, military, and telecommunications industries.

The brand is based in Naperville, near Chicago, United States.

SBI Connectors is a world-known brand designing and manufacturing accessories for substations since more than 60 years. It is highly recognized for the quality and reliability of its products as well as for the expertise of its engineering team developing the most innovative products.

Founded in 1977 in Norway, Nortroll is the brand of Sicame Group specializing in connected solutions dedicated to products and accessories for the management of smart grids and the rapid detection of installation faults.

Based in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, the Hydel brand specializes in two distinct areas: it has expertise in fastening elements for the construction of networks and specializes in metering cabinets and other enclosures for electrical networks.

Historically expert in chemistry, Höhne was founded in 1932 and manufactures resin components and various synthetic materials that protect accessories and networks, particularly underground ones.

The brand is based in Kaltenkirchen, near Hamburg, Germany.

Claved is a brand with more than 70 years of experience, located in Barcelona, Spain. It supplies insulating cabinet solutions in polyester with fiberglass for industrial application in Electricity, Water, Gas, Public Lighting and Solar farms sectors, as well as equipment for energy protection, measurement and distribution for utilities worldwide.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Safak manufactures and distributes a complete range of electrical power connections, cable accessories, cable cutters, and stripping and crimping tools to meet the needs of the electrical sector.