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Offering a comprehensive range of line hardware and fittings for over 60 years

As a result of our worldwide experience and continued technical discussions with our customers,

our hardware and fittings provide electrical distribution network operators with a wide range of solutions for building resilient networks, designed to meet all their technical and quality requirements.

  • Overhead MV networks: pole line hardware innovations, MV covered networks, innovative connection technologies and smart sensors, as well as solutions for weather protection and protection of flora and fauna.
  • MV underground networks: cold shrink joint technology adopted by major DSOs, 3-layer robust heat shrink joint technology and shear bolt connectors
  • LV overhead networks: world leader in IPC technologies and accessories for LV ABC networks
  • LV underground networks: accessories for resin, cold-shrink, heat-shrink and single-core underground IPC technologies
  • Equipment: stringing tools, hydraulic compression tools and electrical safety equipment
  • Services and digital solutions: network sensors, asset management and traceability solutions, network design and sizing solutions