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Joining us means making a shared commitment

To a low-carbon world

For over 65 years, Sicame Group has been developing its expertise to drive the sustainable energy transition.

To local production

We are committed to maintaining a local presence, with the majority of our products manufactured in close proximity to our customers.

To useful social action

We contribute to promoting medical research, social integration and equal opportunities. We are working with AGEFIPH (Association de Gestion du Fonds pour l'Insertion Professionnelle des Personnes Handicapées) in France to promote inclusion globally and locally.

Our professions around the world

Our missions

We aim to develop our know-how and expertise in all fields, and offer a wide range of professions, whether in innovation, R&D, our laboratories, production, maintenance or service.

Our employees

We believe that employees’ personalities are important, and are looking for committed, responsible people who are open to others and want to develop their skills in an environment where they can thrive professionally.

International opportunities

Operating in 26 countries across 5 continents, Sicame Group offers exciting career options and a range of opportunities worldwide.

Inclusion, equality and multiculturalism


Operating on five continents, we believe that our diversity is the foundation of our wealth and performance.
Respect for diversity and different cultures, which is fundamental to the Sicame Group’s values, creates an environment where every individual can play their part, promoting innovation, inclusion and collective growth.

Equal opportunities

Our HR policies ensure an environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.
Our gender equality index of 88% is far higher than the industry average, and is a testament to our commitment. A commitment to diversity that enriches our collective strength.

Diversity and inclusion

By signing an international accord and a three-year agreement with Agefiph in France,
Sicame Group has demonstrated its commitment to providing resources and implementing concrete actions to promote professional integration and job retention for people with disabilities.


Whether you’re looking for an internship, a work-study program or a summer job, Sicame Group would be delighted for you to join us, so you can strengthen our teams and enjoy an exceptional professional and personal experience.

In 2022, over 90 work-study students, interns and students on French international internship programs (VIE) joined our French subsidiaries.

Our Group is a member of the “Les Écoles des Réseaux pour la Transition Énergétique” consortium, which is made up of key players in the electrical energy sector. This unique initiative provides an opportunity for us to train more young people and students in energy-related professions, as well as to welcome people in continuing education or who are retraining to our production or business centers.

Our professions offer a bright future, so come and enjoy a human-centric, rewarding and varied experience at Sicame Group!