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Sicame Group designs and develops solutions to meet the growing demands of electrification.

Our approach is centered around innovation, one of the Group’s core values and a driver of sustainable performance to support our customers and the energy transition.

With the help of our Innovation Steering Committee, set up specially by the Group, we assess the potential impact of the latest technological, economic, regulatory, commercial and social trends in order to devise new products, services and business models.

Resources and processes

Expert divisions
We develop specific expertise to better serve our customers, and capitalize on our knowledge via the support of our three expert divisions: IoT, synthetic materials and digital simulation.

Specially designed to meet the needs of our markets and customers, our connected products and services cover every aspect of a solution: sensors, communication modules, servers and portals for data processing and valorization.

Durability, ease of installation, cybersecurity and eco-design are our key focus points for development.

Synthetic materials

The Synthetic Materials division meets our customers’ product needs by applying its technical expertise in thermoplastics, thermosets, rubbers and silicones.

It is responsible for defining material prerequisites, designing formulas, enriching our database, providing technical support and monitoring regulations, with the aim of improving material performance, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Digital simulation

We integrate the digital simulation process from the research and design phase, so that we can anticipate and optimize our products’ behavior.

We apply this research to analyze mechanical behavior and various thermal and electrical flows, so that we can accurately assess product performance, rapidly adapt our solutions, limit the need to manufacture prototypes and minimize the use of raw materials.

Innovation ecosystem

Sicame Group is an active member of the dynamic and constantly evolving global innovation ecosystem.

To meet growing market needs, we contribute to the development of new technologies and innovative products through close collaboration with our partners in the institutional, academic, industrial, start-up and competitive cluster sectors.

Product and service development

Partnerships for research programs and innovation projects

To meet the current and changing needs relating to electrical infrastructure, such as increased energy efficiency, flexibility and stakeholder safety, we are developing tomorrow’s solutions in partnership with the world's leading universities, by committing to multi-year programs.

Bystrup project
Sicame Group worked on the European Composite Pylon project, with the aim of replacing traditional high-voltage electricity pylons with new-generation composite pylons that are stronger, more economical and more eco-friendly.
Having brought all its R&D expertise to the European Commission’s project, and, in particular, that of its French-based subsidiary Dervaux, the Group has demonstrated its commitment to developing ever-more eco-friendly solutions, and shown that innovation is ingrained in its DNA.
Solar asset performance monitoring
Sicame offers an innovative end-to-end solution for string level monitoring of your solar assets. Our easy-to-install design is tailored for both new and existing plants regardless of your DC cabling architecture.
It allows improved productivity and efficient O&M through real-time fault and inconsistency detection.
Distribution network monitoring
In a context of climate change, our solution will enable you to detect, locate and manage electrical and mechanical faults
on Distribution Networks more quickly thanks to breakthrough innovations
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