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Sicame Group

For over 65 years, Sicame Group has been playing a major role in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy around the world

Over 65
years of expertise
subsidiaries worldwide
million in turnover in 2023

Recognized as a world leader in equipment and service solutions for electrical networks, our journey has always been characterized by an ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1955 by Basile Lachaud, in Pompadour, Corrèze (France), the Group has steadily expanded its operations in France and internationally, supporting the continued development of a diverse range of infrastructure, and becoming the largest independent entity in its sector today.

The Group is a key player in the energy transition, having made a firm commitment to driving sustainable innovation and adapting electrical networks to ensure a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.

As a world leader in electrical equipment solutions, Sicame plays an essential role in modernizing and optimizing existing infrastructure.

We apply our technical expertise to offer products and services specifically designed to advance the energy transition, by overcoming the challenges related to integrating renewables, reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency.

The Group invests in research and development to provide environmentally-friendly solutions, and applies eco-responsible practices to the design, manufacture and distribution of its products. We are particularly focused on the circular economy, promoting the reuse and recycling of our equipment.

As a provider of cutting-edge solutions for the electrical networks of today and tomorrow, we are fully committed to the energy transition and firmly believe in the future of sustainable energy. Our constant drive for innovation and sustainability illustrates our desire to play an active role in building a cleaner world, based on a more responsible energy model.

Our values

Building Sicame Group has been a collective effort,

meaning that our values are exemplified by each and every one of us. We are all united around the following five values, which characterize and guide our actions.

Customer intimacy
Our size and flexibility enable us to maintain geographically, culturally and technically close relationships with our customers.
Innovation by everyone, everywhere
We are developing a culture of curiosity, challenging the status quo and anticipating what’s to come, which allows us to collectively offer new solutions to our customers, both internally and externally. In our Group, innovation is everyone’s business.
Engaging with passion
We are creating an environment that allows all employees to act as entrepreneurs within the Group. Each of us can apply ourselves, unleash our initiative and our critical mind, and take risks within a clear framework of responsibilities.
Social responsibility
We believe that our company’s sustainable development can be built on the fine balance between economic performance and respect for the Group’s human dimension.
Team spirit
Focusing on our shared ambition, we have fostered a close partnership within and between our teams, based on transparency, trust and the full respect of individual and group identities.
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