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A socially-responsible Group

At the heart of the energy transition

As a key player in the energy transition, Sicame Group provides its customers with solutions to develop renewables, improve energy efficiency and adapt to a changing climate.

Sicame Group is attuned to environmental and social challenges and acts responsibly towards its stakeholders, in line with its values and through its CSR commitments.

A socially-responsible Group

A signatory of the UN Global Compact, Sicame Group has aligned its CSR approach with the principles of this initiative, and with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In line with its operations and challenges, the Group is contributing to seven of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which have been integrated into the key pillars of CSR: environmental, social, business conduct, etc.

Since 2022, Sicame Group has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact social responsibility initiative and its 10 principles around human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.


Sicame Group is highly focused on managing its environmental impact by mobilizing its value chain, in particular, to reduce its impact in relation to:

Sites and operations

The Group’s sites implement environmental procedures, with a particular focus on reducing and recovering waste and optimizing energy consumption (replacement of equipment, use of renewables and awareness-raising among teams, for example).

The Group has also assessed its carbon footprint for Scopes 1, 2 and 3, and is currently drafting an action plan to reduce its emissions.


Sicame Group provides sustainable solutions for the long term, manufacturing and installing products designed to last for several decades.

In addition to the extended lifespan of its products, the Group has implemented procedures to measure and reduce its environmental impact, having deployed an eco-design program focused on various areas for improvement across the product lifecycle (selection of materials, lower-impact manufacturing processes, and energy efficiency, for example).


Aware that the Group’s people are its greatest asset, Sicame Group has made them a central priority.

Inclusion and diversity

As an inclusive Group, Sicame aims to provide equal opportunities for all, implementing a diversity and inclusion policy in all the countries where it operates, in particular by ensuring workplace equality and promoting employment for people with disabilities.

In France, this commitment is demonstrated through an agreement with Agefiph.

Professional equality index:

Working conditions:

In line with the Group’s values, quality of life at work, employee well-being and recognition of teams are its paramount concerns, in particular, through respect for multiculturalism and work/life balance. We place particular emphasis on the health and safety of our employees, implementing suitable policies and action plans at all our sites.

Business conduct

The Group’s operations are performed in a transparent and responsible manner with regard to its stakeholders.

Responsible purchasing

A pivotal factor in our commitments, we integrate CSR principles into every stage of the purchasing process, from selecting to monitoring of our suppliers. In particular, our suppliers are selected based on environmental and social criteria, such as the environmental impact of their products, working conditions and respect for human rights.


In terms of ethics and anti-corruption measures, Sicame Group has implemented a comprehensive system in accordance with the Sapin 2 Law and its key pillars, such as the Anti-Corruption Code, the reporting system, risk mapping and employee training. The Group Ethics Committee is responsible for monitoring and coordinating this compliance program.

A socially-responsible Group

Ethics and compliance

Ethical charter

Sicame Group requires its partners to respect its values and ethical principles.

To ensure integrity and compliance, the Ethics Charter sets out specific obligations relating to human rights, the environment and labor law, which must be respected by all.
Anti-Corruption Code

The Anti-Corruption Code promotes the Sicame Group’s values with regard to the prevention and detection of

corruption, in compliance with current legal provisions. It sets out the principles for action to prevent corruption and influence peddling, and specifies the appropriate behavior to adopt in this respect. The Anti-Corruption Code is a binding agreement for all internal, external and ad hoc employees of Sicame Group.
Reporting procedure

Any violation or suspected violation of the Anti-Corruption Code can be reported via our reporting system.

An external online platform for filing reports is available to all, which is fully secure and ensures data confidentiality. The platform is hosted by an independent organization which ensures its security.
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2022 CSR Report

Discover the Sicame Group's CSR report, in which you'll find our commitments, objectives and actions in relation to our environmental, social and societal challenges.

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