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Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a showcase for Sicame Group’s social values

In a constantly-changing world, social and medical issues are a major concern, impacting everyone’s lives and requiring concrete, effective solutions.

Through the work of its Endowment Fund, Sicame Group’s demonstrates its commitment to solidarity and acting responsibly for the common good.

Since 2017, the Endowment Fund has been supporting and implementing actions with associations and other foundations for medical research, social integration and disability, in perfect alignment with the Group’s values. The Endowment Fund strives to advance social development on an international scale, backed by the Group’s global presence.

The Endowment Fund's initiatives

In the medical sector

Since creating the Endowment Fund, the Group has been working to advance physical health through medical research, and since 2023, has widened its scope of action to include mental health.

In the social sector

As a major player in the electrical energy market, Sicame Group takes pride in optimizing electricity access worldwide and promoting social integration.

In the disability sector

The integration of people with disabilities is one of the Group’s fundamental and most deeply-rooted values, an initiative is supports through disabled sports and specialist associations.

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