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Industrial knowledge and capacities

Expertise in industrial processes with more than 150 professions in various fields

Renowned expertise

With over 65 years’ experience and renowned industrial expertise,

Sicame Group is a major player in the design, production and marketing of products for the energy market.

With its knowledge and comprehensive process management, the Group effectively meets the growing needs and demands of its customers.

With over 150 business lines covering diverse fields of expertise, such as the processing of metals and synthetic materials, as well as electronics design and development,

Sicame Group is a world leader in energy transmission and distribution. With our in-house integration and management of industrial processes, the time-to-market for new products is minimized.

In order to meet performance requirements, ensure quality and offer optimal service, we invest in industrial tools and are based and manufacture our products in close proximity to our customers, thus creating ecosystems around our sites.

A fast-growing business

Having acquired various companies, while retaining their identity and culture, Sicame Group continues to develop its business as well as its skills and knowledge. The Group’s integrated subsidiaries benefit from its extensive support, drawing on its vast international network and its technical and technological skills.

When these entities are integrated into the Group, both an a human and industrial level, they become integral to the Group’s expertise, enabling it to develop in line with its values.

Every year, the Group invests at least €8 million in its industrial resources, and around 50 new machines are installed at its various subsidiaries.

The Group is continually investing to boost productivity, improve product quality and increase its ability to adapt, with a view to overcoming market challenges and meeting customer requirements.

Our teams of engineers and technicians lie at the heart of our industrial processes, applying their expertise and know-how to the pursuit of excellence, and working in a vast range of professions in different fields.

  • Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Maintenance
  • Project Manager
  • Team management
  • Quality
  • Industrial equipment design

Industrial knowledge and capacities

Sheet metal and boiler making
Thermoplastic injection moulding
Thermoplastic extrusion
Plastic compression
3D printing
Rubber injection
Rubber extrusion
Resin production
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